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Mahi | Job Opportunity

Join our growing māori
Fe Roofing team!

Are you an experienced roofer or a skilled leading hand foreman roofer looking for a rewarding career in a vibrant and dynamic industry? Look no further! We're seeking dedicated professionals to join our Māori roofing team, where you'll find not just a job, but a supportive community that values your expertise and provides incredible growth opportunities. Here are five compelling benefits of becoming a part of our team:

  1. Tikanga Māori: Embrace Māori values, connect with Te Ao Māori, and thrive in an inclusive, diverse environment.

  2. Career Ascension: Lead as a foreman, guide the team, and shape roofing's future through growth pathways.

  3. Impactful Projects: Build for the community's future—preserve heritage and craft sustainable solutions that endure for generations.

  4. Skill Advancement: Stay sharp with ongoing training; master techniques and technologies for confident roofing expertise.

  5. Holistic Growth: We empower personal well-being and growth within a supportive environment that values your journey in a Māori roofing trade.

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Ready to make your mark in the Māori roofing trade? Join our team of passionate professionals and take your career to the next level. Apply now to embark on a journey that's not just about roofing, but about preserving heritage, embracing culture, and building a brighter future together.


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